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The Fluxcon is a Brazilian company that started activities in 2007 with the intention of supplying the Oil and Gas market with connections to instrumentation.

During the process of branch consolidation, new products requests were rising up and therefore the company took a new direction, adding in our products line needle valves, manifold valves, instrumentation accessories (sealing pot, air pot, spectacle blind, flow conditioner, monoflange valve, flush ring, manual sampler of oil and gas, and others), primary flow measurement elements (orifice plate, straight measurement, venture tube, measurement set with orifice flanges, multiple measurement probe, integral orifice, flow nozzle, orifice plate rtj integral, etc) tubing, beside of course the double and simple ferrule connections.

Nowadays the Fluxcon has high qualified employees and a completely full solution line for instrumentation and flow measurement that allow us to attend several industrial sections (oil and gas, food industry, sugar cane sector, chemical, petrochemical, paper and cellulose, among others) with efficiency and quality, overcoming customer's expectations.

Offer through our products and services creative and innovative solutions in flow measurement, overcoming the market expectation.

Become the market Leader Company of instrumentation and measurement, growing strong in all national and international territory.

Full satisfaction of our employees, partners and customers.
Credibility as result of seriousness and transparence.
Excellence and quality in all manufacturing activities.
Ethical Values with our employees, suppliers, sales and shareholders.
Sustainable growing.
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